As a couple, Katarina Juvančič and Dejan Lapanja have a lot of complementary qualities. But they also have something in common: They both can set an audience on fire. (Ann-Sofie Öman, Swedish magazine Danstidningen @ City of Women festival, 2013)

Emotionally intense dramatic singing and some really barbed difficult stuff. Outrageous musicianship. It's mighty! (Karine Polwart, UK leading singer-songwriter)

Juvančič is a storyteller and dramatist who loses herself in her performance of the characters she portrays. Lapanja similarly loses himself in a highly energetic performance, like the Keith Moon of acoustic guitar with an infinite range of facial expressions and poses that are individually entertaining. ... I could never tire of watching them. (R2/Rock'n'Reel Mag, Issue 41, September/October 2013, Eddie Cooney)

Katarina & Dejan's music, with a basis in both folk and rock, is built on stories of women set to imaginative, rich and enthralling musical landscapes. Emotionally intense, dramatic singing and extraordinary musicianship combined with the empowering nature of storytelling makes their music a unique listening experience. 

* albums >  Selivke/Migratory Birds, 2012 and Hope's Beautiful Daughters, 2014

* file under > folk/rock/acoustic/world/singer-songwriter

* line-up > duo (vocal/guitar/shruti box) or a band (vocal/guitar/fiddle/double-bass/drums)

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Pozdravljeni in hvala, da ste se oglasili na spletni strani Katarine Juvančič & Dejana Lapanje! Vabiva vas, da se malo pomudite, prisluhnete kakšnemu komadu ali preberete o tem, kaj počneva in kam bo pot zanesla najino muziko.

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