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Reviews in the UK  & beyond

  • Selivke contains an incredible breadth of musical and lyrical ambition. (***** Rock’n’Reel, Issue 36, November/December 2012, Eddie Cooney)
  • Emotionally intense dramatic singing and some really barbed difficult stuff. Outrageous musicianship. It's mighty! (Karine Polwart, UK leading singer-songwriter)
  • This is a real musical journey that takes you around the globe as it cherry picks what it wants from every country and era that it chooses to. It's all rather astounding. (It’s an XXXX Thing blog, UK)
  • Katarina Juvančič & Dejan Lapanja took to their task with consummate professionalism and put in an outstanding performance. ... Juvančič is a storyteller and dramatist who loses herself in her performance of the characters she portrays. Lapanja similarly loses himself in a highly energetic performance, like the Keith Moon of acoustic guitar with an infinite range of facial expressions and poses that are individually entertaining. ... I could never tire of watching them. (R2/Rock'n'Reel Mag, Issue 41, September/October 2013, Eddie Cooney)
  • As a couple, Katarina Juvančič and Dejan Lapanja have a lot of complementary qualities. But they also have something in common: They both can set an audience on fire. (Ann-Sofie Öman, Swedish magazine Danstidningen @ City of Women festival)

Reviews in Slovenia (selection of reviews from the country’s leading music critics)

  • This CD is an extraordinary achievement and proves that Slovenian music scene still has exceptional talents that can produce world-class albums. (Zdenko Matoz, Delo - most referential Slovenian newspaper)
  • Katarina Juvančič & Dejan Lapanja’s Selivke are setting new standards for Slovenian alternative music scene. (Mario Batelić, Radio Student)
  • Candidate for the album of the year. (Armando Šturman, Slovene national radio)
  • Duo’s debut album Selivke is superabundant in the sense of production as well as in the sense of authorship. (Andrej Predin, Slovenske novice - Slovenian best selling daily newspaper)
  • Album will find its place in a series of the best Slovenian singer-songwriting works. (Jure Longyka, Slovene national radio)
  • After nearly 40 years since legendary Tomaž Pengov’s record Odpotovanja, Selivke is a new highlight in Slovenian singing-songwriting. (Varja Velikonja, Nova Muska web mag)
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